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Is Certification Right for Your Business? - Aurora

Date: September 13, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cost: $15
Location: Aurora Municipal Center
2nd floor - Aspen Conference room
15151 E. Alameda Pkwy., #2300
Aurora, CO 80012

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Are the Small/Minority Business Certification Programs Right for Your Business? The government is a huge, diverse market with many buying offices. If you are interested in selling to the government, you should first answer some basic questions and gain a general understanding of how the government buys. 

  • Does the government buy your products/services? If yes, how do they buy?
  • Does the government buy my products/services?
  • Is the local government your target market?
  • Are you a good candidate for DBE/MWBE/SBE certification?
  • Do you meet the requirements for DBE/MWBE/SBE certification?
  • The procurement function in Colorado
  • Understanding the different certification programs