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Teaming & Submitting Engineering Proposals to CDOT - Denver

Date: March 26, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Location: Denver Chamber of Commerce
1445 Market St., Denver CO 80202

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CDOT awards highway design and engineering contracts using a "most qualified" selection process. Professional services consultants (e.g., engineering, surveying, environmental, etc.) are required to submit proposals to CDOT using a standard Statement of Interest/Work Plan (SOI/WP) format. How you present your team capabilities and your plan for completing the work is critical to how high you score and whether you win or not. This workshop will give you "insider" knowledge of what makes a winning CDOT SOI/WP and how to put your best foot forward in a highly competitive environment.

  • Get detailed information about the required sections of a CDOT SOI/WP proposal
  • Understand the process for submitting an SOI/WP to CDOT
  • Find out what primes typically need from team members for the proposal
  • Hear what CDOT reviewers are looking for and how they evaluate
  • Learn about common mistakes that take proposals out of the running
  • Get the best practices of winning proposers
Suggested Audience:

Professional services firms pursuing CDOT highway design and engineering contracts, prime and sub consultants on proposing teams, business development managers, government proposal writers.


Pehle Colletta is the Lead Contracting Officer in CDOT's Engineering Contracts Branch. She is responsible for developing requests for CDOT consultant services and executing contracts. She actively participates on CDOT's evaluation selection panels and facilitates scoring discussions to ensure fair and competitive selection. She has read hundreds of consultant proposals and has seen the "good and bad" that can make or break a proposal. Pehle also has significant knowledge of the Colorado Mini Brooks Act and what governs qualified selection of professional services consultants.

Cathy Kramer is the Statewide Program Manager for Connect2DOT and owner of Caddis LLC, a business and marketing consulting firm specializing in small business program development and support services for companies in the transportation industry. She has 25 years of marketing and management consulting experience, working with a range of clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Cathy has been a consultant to CDOT for 15 years providing technical assistance to DBE/ESB firms and supporting the development and outreach of CDOT's DBE/ESB Programs. She has an extensive understanding of CDOT contracting and project delivery methods and has assisted hundreds of firms in marketing their services to CDOT.