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Understanding DBE Work Codes, Counting, GFE & CUF - Denver

Date: March 10, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (lunch and learn)
Cost: Free
Location: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
1445 Market St., 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80202

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Are you getting what you want from your DBE certification? Do you know how your DBE certification applies to different projects? Are you in compliance with DBE regulations when you subcontract on CDOT and other federal-aid projects?

There are more than 1500 DBE certified firms in Colorado but many don't fully understand how to leverage DBE certification to get contracts. Many also don't understand what is required to be in compliance with federal and state regulations and that non-compliance can result in decertification.

Join CDOT Certification Specialists for an informative workshop on the key elements of the DBE program. You'll learn:

  • How NAICS are different from DBE work codes
  • How DBE participation is counted on projects
  • How work codes can be used to grow and expand your business
  • What prime contractors need to do to show Good Faith Effort (GFE)
  • What Commercially Useful Function (CUF) means and why it matters
  • How to put your DBE certification to work for you!
Suggested Audience:

Current and future DBE certified firms, prime contractors, compliance specialists, DBE Liaison Officers, Small Business Diversity staff.

Presented by:

Jun Aricilla
Jun is an attorney and the Lead Certification Specialist for the CDOT Civil Rights and Business Resource Center. He is responsible for managing CDOT's DBE Plan and implementing federal and state regulations for the DBE Program. Jun has certified hundreds of DBE firms across the state and has a comprehensive understanding of what drives DBE success.