2016 Transportation Summit Highlights Customer Experience through New Technologies

02-Nov-2016 to 11-Apr-2017

On November 1, 2016, more than 600 people attended the annual Transportation Summit focused on the customer experience in transportation. It could have been a script writing party for the next "Back to the Future" film series. But as attendees heard, the future is not so far off. It includes autonomous vehicles, vehicle­-to-­vehicle-­to-­infrastructure communication, smart automated connected communities, and even a levitated pod that can move people and goods at airline speeds through a tube. 

CDOT CEO Shailen Bhatt discussed several new technologies that are transforming the way CDOT is looking to accommodate the estimated 7.8 million people who will be living in Colorado by 2040. He made comparisons to the state of Utah and how Colorado is being outpaced by our neighbor in nearly every transportation category, including budget per square mile. In an effort to be in parity with other states and to create a better customer experience, make our roads safer, and accommodate growth, CDOT is developing innovations and proposing alternative funding options. Here are some of the technologies highlighted at the event. More information and presentations can be found on the Transportation Summit website.

  • Self­-driving trucks fitted by Otto, an Uber company who recently conducted the world's first self-driving beer delivery from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.
  • V2X connected transportation corridors including a RoadX partnership between CDOT and Panasonic to enhance the I­-70 mountain corridor.
  • A HyperLoop that will zip cargo freight containers through the Port of Los Angeles and potentially people in the near future.
  • Real­-time and predictive traffic maps to provide safety alerts and help self­-driving vehicles communicate with infrastructure and other vehicles.
  • Autonomous urban mass transit systems that enable ondemand transportation for collective ridesharing and "last mile" commutes.