Bid Express Offering Free Training and New Subscriber Incentives

01-Oct-2014 to 20-Oct-2014

Over the next few months CDOT is moving to 100 percent online bidding for all highway construction projects. That means, no more paper bids w ill be accepted. Prime contractors must use Bid Express to submit bids electronically. In support of this transition, InfoTech, the online service provider for Bid Express, is offering several free workshops in Denver between October 14 - 16. 

As an additional bonus, CDOT contractors are being offered two great incentives if you sign up for a Bid Express account before May 31, 2015.

  • The Basic Service subscription fee of $35/month w ill be waived for the first three months.
  • The one time fee of $100 to obtain a Digital ID (required to submit bids to CDOT) will be waived.

Click here to find out more about these workshops and incentives. You may also check the Connect2DOT event calendar.