CDOT Accepting Comments on Proposed Changes to Project Specific Professional Services Contracts

14-Jul-2020 to 18-Aug-2020

At the CDOT Professional Services Collaborative Forum on July 9, CDOT unveiled proposed changes for Project Specific contracts related to small business participation and tracking. These changes are a follow up to the new compliance requirements implemented for Non-Project Specific (NPS) contracts as of January 1, 2020. Many of the proposed changes mirror the new process that are in place for NPS contracts including:

  • Affidavit of Small Business Participation with RFP proposals
  • Proposal scoring for DBE and ESB participation
  • DBE/ESB participation plan and Letters of Intent from vendors
  • required for task order requests
  • DBE commitment modification process
  • B2GNow prompt payments
  • Closing process
The key differences include:

  • DBE goal setting on the master contract only
  • DBE commitments using percentages rather than dollar values
  • Review and enforcement of commitments when the master contract is completed

CDOT encourages all Professional Services Consultant to review the proposed changes and provide comments by July 31 to the Forum Advisory Board or Task Force Representatives. CDOT plans to incorporate feedback and finalize the changes in August followed by virtual training sessions in September. The new processes are expected to applyto all Project Specific contracts awarded after October 1, 2020.