CDOT Advertises First "Program Specific" Consultant Contract for Construction Management

17-Dec-2015 to 12-Feb-2016

On December 17, CDOT issued a Notice to Consultants for Construction Management, Construction Inspection, and Materials Testing Services in the Front Range and Western Slope. This advertisement is the first in an initiative to contract with professional services consultants for statewide programs. This notice is part of CDOT's Construction Management 2016 Program. There will be three subsequent advertisements with proposals due on January 14, 2016.

Consultants are able to propose on one or multiple locations. For this notice, CDOT will be selecting a minimum of three consultants to perform the scope outlined in the Statement of Work. DBE goals will apply. All parties submitting a proposal, in addition to all subconsultants on the proposed team, must be prequalified and have a Master Price Agreement (MPA) with CDOT prior to award of contract. If you need assistance with the prequalification or MPA process, please contact a Connect2DOT.