CDOT Announces Award Selection for Front Range NPS: CM, CI, MT

09-Feb-2019 to 13-Mar-2019

CDOT recently announced the selected teams for the innovative procurement of construction management, inspection, and materials testing in the Front Range. This qualifications-based selection (QBS) process was unique in that it was the first time CDOT restricted contract selection of 2 of the 16 contract awards to certified Emerging Small Businesses (ESB). The Non-project Specific (NPS) awards were divided into 3 tiers; up to $5M, $3M and $1M. Two (2) of the $1M tier contracts were reserved for ESB firms and firms could only propose in one tier. This approach was extremely successful in providing opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses. In fact, the top scoring proposal in each contract tier was delivered by a firm with an active DBE and/or ESB certification. Congratulations go out to all of the teams selected below.

$5 Million Tier
  • Atkins
  • Ground Engineering
  • Parsons
  • RJ Pagan & Associates (DBE/ESB)
  • Rocksol Consulting Group (DBE)
  • RS&H
  • Wilson & Company
  • Yeh & Associates (DBE)
$3 Million Tier
  • GeoCal (DBE/ESB)
  • Stantec
  • Ulteig
  • WSP
$1 Million Tier
  • Apex Design (DBE/ESB)
  • David Evans & Associates
  • Otak
  • Vivid Engineering Group (ESB)