CDOT "Business As Usual" After Transportation Ballots Fail to Pass

07-Nov-2018 to 05-Dec-2018

On November 6, Colorado voters rejected Proposition 109 that would have forced the state to spend $3.5 billion on roads using existing money and Proposition 110 which would have increased the state sales tax to pay for $6 billion dollars in road projects. Although both transportation measures were voted down, CDOT is continuing to operate and maintain the state's highway system as they have done for decades. 

Over the last two years, Colorado lawmakers passed legislation to fund nearly three billion dollars in new projects so there will still be plenty of contracting opportunities for contractors. Projects such as the I-25 South Gap, North I-25 Express Lanes, and Central 70 will continue as planned. The lack of additional funds will most likely delay some projects across the state until funding can be identified. 

Because of Senate Bill 18-001 which was passed earlier this year, CDOT will have another opportunity next year to ask voters for additional funds necessary to move other projects forward. That bill stated if voters rejected transportation ballot issues this year, lawmakers could put another transportation issue on the ballot in November 2019. Stay tuned!