CDOT Changes/Updates to Construction Specifications

10-Jun-2014 to 10-Jun-2014

The CDOT Specifications Committee recently created new special provisions and proposed revisions to existing special provisions. Highlights of recent changes and proposed updates include:
  • Revision of Sections 625.13, 105.13(a) and 105.13(b): This update changes the language in these sections of the spec to increase the hourly "not to exceed" rate from $100 per hour to $150 per hour, as the old rate was out-of-date and did not reflect current market rates. The new rate is not a set rate, but a "not to exceed" rate. The actual rate must still be negotiated. The new rate will be reviewed every 3 years to ensure it captures the market rate. This change is now if effect.
  • Revision of Section 603.09 Backfilling: Revisions to this section are currently under review. The proposed update would discontinue deflection testing for concrete pipe, but continue to require it for flexible pipe (including clay, metal and plastic pipe). Comment period open until 6/30/14.
  • Revision of Sections 603, 624, 705, 707, and 712 Drainage Pipe: Revisions to this section are currently under review. Changes are proposed to include use of polypropylene pipe and aluminized corrugated steel pipe type 2. Comment period open until 6/30/14.
The deadline for comments is June 30, 2014. If you would like to provide comments, please contact CDOT Standards and Specifications Unit at (303) 757-9011.

You may order a copy of the 2011 Standard Specifications from CDOT or visit a Connect2DOT Program location. For more information on all CDOT specification updates click here.