CDOT Changes/Updates to Construction Specifications

27-Mar-2014 to 27-Mar-2014

The CDOT Specifications Committee met on March 27, 2014 to discuss updates and changes to construction specifications. Click here for more information on all CDOT specification updates. 

Highlights of recent changes include:

  • Revision of Section 102 Project Plans and Other Data: this spec change will give the Resident Engineer the tools to provide LANDXML electronic files while a project in under AD, if he feels the earthwork aspects of the work are complicated or large enough to warrant giving electronic documents to contractors to assist with bidding. 
  • Revision of Sections 518.09, 518.10, & 518.13 Manufacturer’s Representative Requirement: These sections were updated to reflect the new requirement that Manufacturer’s representative be present at all installations of bridge expansion devices and during watertight integrity testing. This representative’s cost shall be included in the work. 
  • Revision of Sections 105, 105.07: Changes to pavement smoothness requirements 
  • Revision of Section 601 QC Testing Requirements of Structural Concrete: This section clarified that the contractor shall provide QC testing for concrete on all 601 items and established a schedule and criteria for testing.
  • Revision of Section 703 Mineral Filler: This change updates asphalt mineral filler requirements and requires the contractor to test alternate mineral filler at a set frequency. 
The deadline for comments is April 15, 2014. If you would like to provide comments, please contact CDOT Standards and Specifications Unit at (303)757-9011.

You may order a copy of the 2011 Standard Specifications from CDOT or visit a Connect2DOT kiosk location.