CDOT Continues to Restore and Protect Data After Computer Attacks

14-Mar-2018 to 24-Apr-2018

Officials at CDOT, the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT), and security software providers continue to work on removing ransomware from the Department's systems after they were attacked on February 21. 

The CDOT servers infected with the ransomware were immediately taken offline to prevent spread of the virus, and the FBI and other security agencies were brought in to help determine the root cause of the attack. A week later, the agency was struck again with a variant of the malicious software and efforts are still underway to eradicate the issue. The ransomware attack has not affected construction projects in process or any critical traffic operations or third-party software systems. This includes the web-based B2GNow system which is used for DBE and ESB Certification. 

CDOT Civil Rights & Business Resource Center recently issued a statement saying there is no reason to suspect that any proprietary data such as financial records or personally identifying information associated with DBE or ESB certification records have been compromised. Because certification records are housed and processed in B2GNow, they were not in any way tied to the current internal security issues. You may experience some slow down of communication as CDOT works to restore backup files and clean computers throughout the organization. Please be patient while they get all systems back up and online. If you have any questions about your certification information, please feel free to email