CDOT Creates New Infrastructure Recovery Force to Manage Emergency Flood Repairs

16-Sep-2013 to 24-Sep-2013

A new group has been put together at CDOT to focus on rebuilding damaged parts of Colorado’s highway system. The CDOT Infrastructure Recovery Force (IR Force) will be responsible for clearing, repairing and reconstructing as many components of the damaged state highway system as possible by December 1. The group will also provide coordination and assistance to local government in re-establishing critical links to local roads, bridges, water, sewer, power and communications. 

The mission will focus on two areas:

  • Response: Including debris clearing, temporary road building and portable bridges. The work will be conducted by CDOT staff, emergency contractors and National Guard where possible. This work will be conducted in the next few months.
  • Recovery: Including more traditional infrastructure construction which will occur over the next year to establish permanent roadways and bridges.
This effort has also resulted in personnel changes within CDOT. Scot Cuthbertson, CDOT Deputy Director, and Johnny Olson, the Regional Transportation Director for Region 4 – Greeley, will manage the task force. Heidi Bimmerle Humphreys will become acting CDOT Deputy Director, while Corey Stewart will become acting RTD for Region 4.

Click here to read the press release from Governor Hickenlooper.