CDOT Delays Implementation of Consultant Prequalification Process until Jan 1, 2015

15-Aug-2014 to 15-Aug-2014

CDOT and various representatives from the consultant industry (large and small) have been actively engaged in discussions regarding CDOT's new Prequalification process. While CDOT continues to believe this new process will be beneficial for everyone, as well as ensure CDOT's compliance with federal and state statutes, they recognize that the resources to assist everyone with this process remain incomplete despite their efforts to complete in a more timely manner. 

CDOT will continue to work on completing the development of these items, inclusive of the Audit Guidelines for Prequalification (Guidelines) and new Master Pricing Agreement (MPA) template. As such, and to better move forward in the very near future, CDOT is deferring the implementation date for the new Prequalification process to January 1, 2015. This timeline will allow them to provide consultants with complete information on the requirements and process, as well as provide all consultants additional time to complete their necessary steps to meet the requirements at this new timeline.

Click here for complete details. If you have any questions, please contact Bernie Rasmussen, CDOT Engineering Contracts Program Manager at 303-757-9400, or George Currie, CDOT Division of Audit at (303)757-9979.