CDOT Forecasting an Increase in Construction Bidding Starting in October

07-Jul-2020 to 18-Aug-2020

The Transportation Commission and CDOT staff met this week to provide a current status and updates on a variety of operations including funding for upcoming construction projects. There is currently $107 million available to be programmed from the SB 267 Year 2 funding received by CDOT last month. After delivering sobering news of impending budget cuts, CDOT is now working on a list of "add back" projects in each of the regions across the state. Despite ongoing funding shortfalls, the outlook for contractors is still positive. There are currently 9 projects open for bidding and last week alone CDOT opened bids for 8 projects. Two of those projects only had two bidders which leaves a lot of room for additional competition. CDOT anticipates a slight lull in advertisements during August and September but October is set to be a big month. CDOT Chief Engineer Steve Harrelson said contractors should get ready for a total of about $300 million in projects that will go out for bid by the end of the year with construction on these starting next year.