CDOT Formalizes Commitment to Fostering Equal Access for Small Businesses in Contracting

03-Apr-2018 to 24-Apr-2018

Through a gap analysis conducted by CDOT's Civil Rights & Business Resources Center (CRBRC), staff identified a need for policy-level guidance to the Department on the importance of fostering small business capacity to compete for CDOT contracts. 

Recently, the Transportation Commission voted unanimously to approve Policy Directive 606.0 which focuses on contracting methods and program development that CDOT may pursue in order to encourage small business capacity in competing for contracts on CDOT projects. The policy codifies CDOT's commitment to Colorado's transportation-related small business community through program development, creative contracting opportunities, and project manager awareness of the significant role small business plays in driving competition and ultimately decreasing cost of project delivery. 

This is one more way CDOT is helping to foster equal access to contracting opportunities for small businesses in Colorado and the Department and support efforts to decrease bid costs and increase competitive capacity for Colorado's small business community.