CDOT Starts DBE Goal Setting for FHWA Overall Annual Goal and I-70 East

06-Mar-2015 to 06-Mar-2015

There's been a lot of talk about what CDOT will do with DBE goals and ESB participation on the I-70 East project. It's something CDOT is not taking lightly. They realize the impact the project will have along the Front Range and they know there will be plenty of small businesses waiting in line for sub contracting opportunities. They intend to fully support minority and woman-owned firms, as well as other small contractors on this project. They are currently working on innovative strategies to support the project.

This year, CDOT is required to submit a three-year overall annual DBE goal and methodology to FHWA. With a great amount of foresight, they decided to conduct a dual goal setting process with the I-70 East project goal setting so all major factors are being considered at the same time. The result will be two separate goals, one for the I-70 East project and one for CDOT's overall annual goal for FY 2016-2018. The analysis will consider the type of work anticipated for I-70 East and other projects statewide. It will also look at the relative availability of DBE firms that are ready, willing, and able to work on CDOT projects and other relevant market factors.

How can you participate? If you are sent a survey, respond. If the information about your business is listed incorrectly on the DBE directory, get it updated. When you hear about public meetings or an open comment period on the draft, join in!