CDOT "Internet of Roads" Presents the Future of Colorado's Transportation System

15-Aug-2018 to 06-Sep-2018

CDOT is proposing to build the country's first commercial-scale connected vehicle environment using V2X technology, called the Internet of Roads (IoR), that will communicate with connected vehicles to improve the safety and mobility of the transportation system.

The IoR will bring nearly $44 million in public and private investment to Colorado to provide a 537 mile network in primarily rural environments that will provide real-time communication with connected vehicles. Supported by automotive and tech partners like Ford Motor Company, Qualcomm, and Panasonic that are already working with CDOT, the IoR will send safety and mobility-critical messages directly to drivers through infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) communication. It will also allow CDOT to 'listen' to the roadways through vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, immediately notifying CDOT of crashes or hazards on the road to expedite emergency services and hasten the clearance of a crash scene.

CDOT has already partnered with Panasonic in an approximately $72 million venture to build the nation's first V2X data ecosystem capable of enabling the IoR. A pilot project was recently completed on I-70 and grant funding is being sought to deploy the hardware and fiber optics that will enable CDOT to communicate with connected vehicles across Colorado.

CDOT also announced a partnership with Panasonic, Ford and Qualcomm to begin testing Cellular V2X connected vehicle technologies in Colorado. Over the next several months, our state will be the test bed for delivering connected technologies over the LTE or eventually 5G network.