CDOT Launches New Supplier Self-Service Portal

16-Dec-2014 to 16-Dec-2014

On December 15th, CDOT launched its much anticipated vendor-facing portal. All vendors are now required to be registered with CDOT and most bidding/solicitation processes will be performed through the portal. So, if you have ever asked, "how do I get on CDOT's vendor list?" this is it.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Enhanced ease of use to register and/or pre-qualify your company to do business with CDOT
  • Elimination of reproduction and shipping costs by enabling direct electronic submittal of proposals for goods or services
  • Ability to track your CDOT POs and payments
  • Centralized database of vendors available to CDOT staff
The features will be different depending upon the type of goods and services you provide:
  • For Highway Construction, contractors will use the vendor portal for pre-qualification only, bids will still be done through Bid Express
  • For Professional Services, consultants will use the vendor portal for pre-qualification, viewing advertisements for/and submittal of Statement of Interest (SOI) opportunities. 
  • All Other Vendors will use the vendor portal for registration, viewing bidding opportunities and submittal of proposals. 
Complete these simple two steps to get started:
  • Click here for the initial registration and create your CDOT Supplier Self-Service Portal account.
  • Once registered, click here for the new CDOT Supplier Self-Service Portal to view and respond to bids/solicitations.