CDOT Launches "The Mountain Rules" Truck Safety Program

13-Sep-2019 to 19-Nov-2019

CDOT has launched a safety program geared toward truckers who traverse mountainous terrain. The Mountain Rules is a safety initiative meant to educate in-state and interstate trucking companies and drivers about the challenges of driving through mountains. The program is a partnership between CDOT, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Motor Carriers Association, and driver alert providers PrePass Safety Alliance and Drivewyze. Colorado's high elevation, topography and severe weather can present challenges for drivers and they may experience a brake failure. 

The program encourages commercial carriers to use truck ramps should their brakes fail and know that they will not be cited by law enforcement for using the ramp. In addition to an educational effort, The Mountain Rules consists of infrastructure and informational improvements, including: Signing eastbound Interstate 70 and all eastbound chain stations, east of the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels, with information on the brake check locations for truckers. 

  • Restriping the wide eastbound exit ramp at the Genesee Park Interchange into a more-defined short-term truck parking area where overheated brakes can cool down and equipment checks can take place prior to the final descent into the Golden area. 
  • Alerts from a new subscription-based, in-cab alert system, warning truck drivers about specific areas where brake failures could occur, and the location of brake check and runaway truck ramps.
  • Information gathering on the feasibility of a new ramp and other measures to mitigate runaway trucks, such as geometric and signage improvements to the existing Mount Vernon Canyon Truck Runaway Ramp.

The initial pilot for the program will take place on the I-70 Mountain Corridor, which stretches between Glenwood Springs and the Denver metropolitan area. CDOT plans to expand the program to other mountainous locations.