CDOT Makes Organizational Changes to Better Align with Strategic Priorities

07-Jan-2020 to 16-Jan-2020

Under the direction of CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew, a number of changes were made to CDOT's organizational structure last year to better align departments with overall priorities. Here is a wrap up of those changes to help you navigate the new internal structure.

  • Mobility Operations - The Division of Mobility Operations (formerly known as the Division of Transportation Systems Management & Operations) was responsible for the development of a statewide program designed to reduce congestion and improve the safety and reliability of CDOT's existing highway system. This Division was dissolved, and its functions were transferred to the newly created Division of Maintenance and Operations and the Office of Innovative Mobility.
  • Division of Maintenance and Operations - The Division of Highway Maintenance (DHM) was reorganized into the Division of Maintenance and Operations, and traffic operations and incident management functions were transferred from the former Division of Mobility Operations to DHM to achieve optimal coordination and efficiency. 
  • Office of Innovative Mobility - The Office of Innovative Mobility was created as a part of Governor Polis' focus on expanding multimodal transportation options for Colorado travelers. The Office integrates the Department's Division of Transit and Rail with other means of expanding mobility options, including through ridesharing, electrification, and emerging technologies.
  • Division of Engineering - The Division of Engineering was divided into three distinct branches, which include Engineering Standards and Services, Program Management Services, and Construction Engineering Services.