CDOT Making Plans to Improve I-70 Floyd Hill to Veterans Memorial Tunnels

07-Jun-2018 to 03-Jul-2018

CDOT has been working with local elected officials and stakeholders to develop concepts and designs to help alleviate congestion, improve safety and maintain the unique environment of the mountains. The project proposal is for westbound I-70 to be widened from two lanes to three at Floyd Hill to accommodate more westbound travelers. I-70 will be reconfigured with simplified curves, bridges and walls to improve line of sight, and improve driver safety. 

The new westbound I-70 alignment would be placed in a tunnel at the bottom of Floyd Hill to reduce weather impacts and improve driver safety. Funding for the project is estimated at $550 but it will require a ballot measure to get moving. At this time, CDOT does not have enough funding to start construction once the initial assessment is complete. As an interim solution to congestion issues along the I-70 Mountain Corridor, CDOT's project team is looking at constructing a Westbound I-70 Peak Period Shoulder Lane, or a Mountain Express Lane, similar to the eastbound I-70 Mountain Express Lane. If funding is identified for this $80 million project, construction could start in late spring or summer 2019. Keep an eye out for developments along this corridor which will present multiple opportunities for small businesses. Click here to visit the project website for more information.