CDOT Moving to BidNet Direct Next Year for Procurement and Engineering Bids

07-Jan-2020 to 16-Jan-2020

Though a competitive process, CDOT selected BidNet to consolidate their various bidding systems into a single solution. BidNet currently hosts the Rocky Mountain ePurchasing System and CDOT Procurement currently uses the platform to advertise solicitations for goods and services. Once the contract finalized, CDOT will work with BidNet to transition solicitations and bid submissions for Procurement (goods and services) and Engineering (professional services) from the CDOT Supplier Self-Service Portal (SuSS) to the BidNet Direct platform. Construction bidding will still be done through the BidExpress system, pending further development of BidNet functionality.

More than 230 government agencies in Colorado currently use BidNet Direct for purchasing, as w ell as numerous other purchasing groups throughout the country. Agencies publish, distribute, and award contracts through the system and vendors receive exclusive bid opportunities directly from buying agencies. Consultants and vendors who are interested in bidding on CDOT solicitations will be able to register, search, and submit bids to CDOT and other agencies in Colorado and Wyoming for free. 

While vendors may view and submit bids at no cost, BidNet does charge a nominal monthly fee for customers interested in receiving email push notifications of solicitations. As the new system rolls out, CDOT will also evaluate BidNet features to determine if other solicitation and contract processes, including Alternative Delivery, can be completed using BidNet. Look for more information from CDOT in the coming year as they work on transitioning and launching on BidNet Direct.