CDOT Offering Option for Electronic Submission of Form 205

08-Feb-2019 to 13-Mar-2019

Starting next month, all prime contractors will have the option to submit CDOT Form 205 - Sublet Permit Application electronically in the CDOT B2GNow system pending approval from the Project Engineer. The current Form 205 is an Excel worksheet that must be signed by the prime, all tiered subs, the Project Engineer, and the Region Civil Rights Officer prior to any work beginning by the subcontractor, per CDOT Specification 108.01. 
The new electronic submission of Form 205 can apply to any CDOT contract regardless of the ad date. In order to participate, the prime contractor must request approval from the CDOT Project Engineer who in turn notifies the Civil Rights and Business Resource Center. Once approved, the prime contractor can begin submitting sublet requests for the project through B2GNow. If the prime contractor opts in to electronic submission for a specific project, the change applies to all future sublet requests on the project. The prime contractor cannot revert to the Excel worksheets for that same project. 

To learn more about this new process, please attend one of the upcoming Contract & Labor Compliance workshops. If prime contractors have questions about this new process, they should contact the CDOT Project Engineer assigned to the project. Subcontractors and suppliers should contact the prime contractor to determine if they plan to use the electronic Form 205 on a specific project.