CDOT Opens Public Dialog Through Together We Go Initiative

08-Jun-2016 to 07-Jul-2016

CDOT has kicked off Together We Go, a series of conversations with the public. Together We Go is an on-going conversation about transportation with the citizens of Colorado. It allows everyone to take a look at what CDOT has accomplished so far to make sure we're all moving together in the right direction.

This outreach effort will consist of a combination of:
  • Telephone town halls starting this evening.
  • Face-to-face meetings over the summer.
  • Ongoing online and social media interaction.
The Together We Go effort also gives CDOT the opportunity to report on progress, determine if adjustments are needed, discuss new CDOT initiatives and innovations, and the current funding situation. Statewide Telephone Town Halls will be the first component for the Together We Go effort. You can find a schedule of dates/time and more information on the Colorado Transportation Matters website.