CDOT Planning On-Call Solicitation for Post Construction Landscape Maintenance Using Best Value Sele

02-Aug-2019 to 19-Nov-2019

Next month, CDOT plans to solicit proposals from landscaping companies to provide post construction landscape maintenance at various locations throughout the state. CDOT intends to use a relatively new procurement approach called Competitive Sealed Best Value (CSBV). This is a proven method of obtaining services that offer the best value to the State. CSBV uses a non-priced technical evaluation process for criteria with weighted values combined with a price proposal weighted to determine the best value for contract award. Although the CSBV solicitation will contain a fixed unit price list for most standard types of equipment and labor associated with performing landscape maintenance services, the price evaluation part of the CSBV process will be based on a mock bid proposal for a hypothetical task order project that reflects a common CDOT project. 

The contractor(s) with the overall best CSBV score(s) will be awarded a Master Task Order contract for specific areas in the state such as the Front Range and Western Slope. CDOT may award multiple Master Task Order contracts and then award individual task orders to selected contractor(s). The solicitation will be posted on CDOT's Consultant Management website. If you want to track this solicitation or want more information, please contact RB Simmons at