CDOT Re-Bid Opportunity Ripe for Small Business Prime Contractors

10-Jul-2020 to 18-Aug-2020

Last month, CDOT advertised a maintenance project in Region 4 to remove and replace ground-mounted signs on I-25 northbound from mile marker 269.64 to the Wyoming state border. The original notice to bidders was titled MTCE 0253-271 (22870). Only one contractor submitted a bid and it was rejected by CDOT because it was over budget. CDOT is planning to re-advertise the project in late September. This is a great opportunity for DBE, ESB, and other small businesses to compete as a prime contractor or team due to the expectation of low competition. The project has an expected construction cost of less than $1 million. ESB certified firms who are interested in bidding as a prime and need help with bonding can leverage CDOT's Bond Assistance Program which will connect you to qualified surety agent to help you obtain a bond or provide a bond guarantee to your existing surety to increase your bond. Connect2DOT also offers free assistance to ensure the accuracy of your estimate and completeness of your bid, as well as providing experienced construction industry mentors who can help you perform successfully on CDOT projects. Keep an eye out for this opportunity at the end of September on CDOT's bidding web page