CDOT Releases New 2016 Design­Build Manual

05-Oct-2016 to 11-Apr-2017

CDOT has been using the Design­-Build project delivery method since the late 1990s. In 1997, CDOT developed the first Design-­Build guidelines, and in 2006 they issued its first Design-­Build procedural manual. Since that time, CDOT and the Design-­Build industry have continued to learn valuable lessons and have further developed more effective and efficient Design­Build processes. 

On September 1, CDOT released a major update to the CDOT Design-Build Manual that includes CDOT's most recent Design-­Build practices and procedures. Design­-Build is an alternative contracting method where design and construction services are included in a single contract. Using the Design­-Build approach, CDOT provides conceptual and preliminary designs and required performance results. The Design­-Build delivery method then requires construction firms to team with consultant design firms to work together to design and construct the improvements. The new Manual provides procedures, guidelines, information, resources and insight to successfully develop and implement a Design­-Build contracting strategy that is unique, yet in compliance with Federal regulations, State Legislation and Department Policy.