CDOT Releases New 2018 Roadway Design Guide

10-Nov-2018 to 05-Dec-2018

In 2016, CDOT formally adopted the AASHTO 2011, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, 6th Edition (Green Book) as guidance for use on all CDOT highway projects. Last month, CDOT released the 2018 Roadway Design Guide (RDG) providing new and revised Colorado specific content. The 2018 release of the RDG is now synchronized with the 2011 Green Book. The new chapters include: 

  • Chapter 11- Access Control and Access Management
  • Chapter 13- Alternate Standards (Low Volume Roads)
  • Chapter 19- Roundabouts.
  • The 2018 CDOT RDG supersedes the 2005 CDOT RDG except for:
  • Chapter 14- Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities
  • Chapter 18- Noise Guide.

CDOT encourages all consultants to begin using the 2018 CDOT RDG immediately. For questions, please contact Jerome Estes at