CDOT Releases Revised Standard Special Provision Related to Davis-Bacon Wage Specifications

22-Sep-2017 to 11-Oct-2017

CDOT recently issued the revised Minimum Wages, Colorado, U.S.Department of Labor, General Decision Number CO170019, MOD 3 standard special provision. This revised standard special is to be included in all federalaid projects beginning with projects that have bid openings on October 2, 2017 or later. MOD 3 changes the fringe benefits for these Power Equipment Operators: Hydraulic Backhoe, Drill Rig Caisson, Loader (6 cubic yards and under), Motor Grader, Crane, and Scraper in Denver and Douglas counties. This standard special provision should be used on all federal-aid projects with contracts exceeding $2000, except for non-ARRA projects on roadways classified as local roads or rural minor collectors, which are exempt. Projects on local roads, rural minor collectors, and enhancement projects funded with ARRA funds are not exempt.