CDOT Releases Updated List of ESB Restricted Projects

06-May-2017 to 06-May-2017

CDOT is continuing to identify and select projects for the ESB Restricted Projects program. Currently, 10 projects across the state are slated to be advertised between May 2017 ­ January 2018 and reserved for bidding only by ESB certified (and CDOT prequalified) firms. Below is a list of these projects by CDOT Region. 

Region 1:
May 2017: ADA curbramp project

Region 2:
July 2017: ADA curbramp project

Region 3:
July 2018: ADA curbramp project

Region 4:
July 2017: Sidewalk project, Plateville
August 2017: Replace existing undersized culverts with CBC, SH 52 at Antelope Creek
August/September 2017: ADA curbramp project (1)
August/September 2017: ADA curbramp project (2)
August 2018: ROW, excavation, small concrete structures, form work, trenching, compaction at Spring Creek

Region 5:
November 2017: ADA curbramp project, US 550 Main, Durango
January 2018: ADA curbramp project, SH 145, Dolores
To check on the status and latest information about CDOT ESB Restricted
Projects, please visit­restricted­projects.