CDOT Requiring Certification for All Field Materials Technicians in 2020

28-Dec-2019 to 31-Dec-2019

Starting January 1, 2020, all field Materials Technicians working on CDOT projects, including CDOT staff and consultants, must demonstrate proficiency by passing an exam and earning Materials Technician Certification. The certification program was developed because CDOT discovered there was limited know ledge about what is expected of technicians on CDOT projects. This led to issues such as communication gaps, lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities, lack of preparation when arriving on projects, and lack of know ledge related to testing and documentation requirements. 

The certification program addresses these issues. It consists of two separate courses:

  • Facilitator-led SiteManager Materials and LIMS-Sampler/Tester class
  • Online Materials Technician Training with end-of-course exam

These two courses are free of cost but require a separate registration. The SiteManager Materials and LIMS-Sampler/Tester class must be completed before registering for the online exam. Register today so your techs are ready for the 2020 construction season! To register for the class or just the exam (if you completed the LIMS class previously), go to the CDOT TETP website, download the registration template form, and fill out the highlighted orange columns for each individual. Email the form to Allison Wilson, CDOT Training Manager, and you'll receive further instructions including a "What you Need to Know " before you start the course.