CDOT Revises Protocols for Consultant Services on Design and Construction

23-Feb-2016 to 10-Mar-2016

On February 18, the CDOT Division of Project Support issued a memo titled "Consultant Utilization for Design and Construction." This memo supersedes Policy Memo 23 and establishes the protocol for the use of consultant services for design and construction.

The directive discourages the use of the same engineering consultant for both final design and construction management. The memo states, "Construction Management or Engineering services on a project will be secured from consultants who have performed less than 20% of design services for the project. This applies to all CDOT projects, work by an entity using state or federal funds (e.g., Local Agency Projects), or work by an entity which directly affects a state highway."

The CDOT Chief Engineer has the authority to waive this policy for particular projects but a justification for waiver must be submitted for special consideration.