CDOT Seeking Feedback on Statewide DBE Goal for FHWA Funded Projects

08-May-2018 to 08-Jun-2018

CDOT is developing their overall annual DBE goal for FHWA funded projects during federal fiscal years 2019 - 2021. The USDOT requires all recipients of DOT funding to submit an analysis and goal methodology for DBE participation. The goal is intended to come as close as possible to approximating the expected level of disadvantaged businesses participation in the absence of discrimination or itscontinuing effects.

CDOT is currently circulating several online surveys to gather feedback from DBE certified firms, prime contractors and industry stakeholders. You are strongly encouraged to complete the survey and provide feedback and comments that will help CDOT set the future statewide goal. If you would like to provide input that would assist CDOT in setting the DBE goal, please contact:

Emily Crespin
CDOT Civil Rights & Business Resource Center