CDOT Soliciting Problem Statements for FY19 Research Program

07-Sep-2017 to 11-Oct-2017

The CDOT Division of Transportation Development Applied Research andInnovation Branch (ARIB) is soliciting problem statements to develop the FY19 research program. This effort is undertaken to formulate a comprehensive set of transportationrelated research ideas. Once the research ideas are prioritized, selected and funded, a CDOT study panel develops the final scope of work and universities and consultants are asked to submit proposals to conduct the research. For approved projects, funds will be available for encumbrance in October of 2018. Problem statements are due to CDOT research staff by Friday, October 27, 2017. A problem statement is a short form describing a transportation problem and/or potential innovation that is proposed for detailed study. Research ideas will be reviewed by the appropriate CDOT Research Oversight Team (ROT) members and then submitted to the Research and Implementation Council (RIC) for ranking, approval, and fund allocation. More information is detailed in the Solicitation Notice.