CDOT Staff Encouraged to Work Remotely Through Labor Day

04-Jun-2020 to 18-Aug-2020

CDOT will not require staff to return to the office prior to September 7th and employees may be asked or provided the opportunity to continue to work from home beyond that date. Earlier this month, CDOT Director Shoshana Lew shared what it will look like at CDOT for the next few months. In a written statement on CDOT's website, Director Lew said; "Given that it is clear that our current efforts to limit staff
exposure to one another is helping to significantly limit spread of COVID-19 at CDOT, our goal is to maintain these protocols to the maximum extent possible through at least Labor Day. For maintenance, that means we will be, by and large, continuing shift schedules, and that all of our protocols for social distancing and cleaning equipment still apply." 

For contractors and consultants, this means you should expect your communications and business development efforts with CDOT staff to be virtual throughout the summer. Many of the "temporary" procedures related to virtual pre-bid meetings, phone conference public bid openings, electronic document signatures, and more will continue for the next several months. Check CDOT's Business Center for more information about individual department policies.