CDOT Teaming with Arrivo for Hyperloop-Inspired Test Track

01-Nov-2017 to 30-Nov-2017

CDOT will announce today a partnership with California company Arrivo to build a test track for a high-speed transportation system inspired by the Hyperloop project. Hyperloop systems move magnetically lifted pods through tubes, which reduce aerodynamic drag. This is the state's second hyperloop public-private partnership after winning a Top 10 spot in the Hyperloop One competition earlier this year.

Arrivo plans to build the estimated $15 million test track next year along the E-470 Toll Highway east of Denver. This segment could eventually become the first segment of a full Arrivo network. Their focus is on short, direct routes, between 10 and 60 miles which would move passengers and freight at speeds of up to 200 mph. The system could turn a trip from downtown Denver from a 35- to 70-minute drive to a 10-minute whoosh.

The company also plans to build an engineering and technology center, and add 200 employees by 2020. With funding from the state, its AECOM infrastructure partner, the E-470 Public Highway Authority, and its own coffers, Arrivo will start with a feasibility study in the hopes of having a commercial system running in four to five years.