CDOT Temporarily Suspends Work Load Factor in Professional Service Proposal Evaluation

19-Aug-2016 to 19-Aug-2016

CDOT's Chief Engineer, Josh Laipply, recently announced that the Work Load Factor (WLF), which is another criteria used in the evaluation of professional services proposals, has been removed from the evaluation process pending further evaluation. 

In a memo released on August 3, 2016, Mr. Laipply wrote; "WLF as applied to the scoring and selection process for professional services contracts, has been a topic of recent discussions among CDOT management and with consultant industry leaders. While being mindful that the WLF provides compliance with the distribution requirements of the MiniBrooks Act, I recognize the consultant landscape may warrant consideration of other means to accomplish desired levels of contracting distribution." 

A team of representatives from the CDOT Division of Project Support, Engineering Contracts, Project Engineers, and industry partner ACEC have been tasked with evaluating the applicability and potential process changes around WLF. In the interim, the application of WLF to CDOT's contracting process is suspended. All other elements of the solicitation and selection process are unaffected. Be sure to check CDOT's Consultant Management website for updates related to this change.