CDOT to Pilot Road Usage Charge Program

08-Nov-2016 to 11-Apr-2017

Earlier this year, CDOT selected CH2M Hill as the prime consultant to  lead Colorado's Road Usage Charge (RUC) Pilot Research Study. RUC is an approach where drivers pay for how many miles are traveled instead of the amount of fuel consumed. This month, CDOT opened enrollment for the 4­month study that will launch in December. Approximately 100 people will be recruited for the pilot. This is just one of the long­term, sustainable transportation­funding alternatives CDOT is evaluating. 

By the year 2040, Colorado's population is expected to nearly double to 7.8 million residents, which will result in higher demands for mobility and on the state's transportation infrastructure. However, fuel tax revenues have declined significantly as a result of less driving and increasing fuel efficiency which puts a strain on funding for highway projects. Therefore, CDOT is evaluating other viable road financing mechanisms to continue to fund infrastructure maintenance and improvements. An RUC funding model treats roads like utilities in that drivers are assessed charges for what they use rather than paying a gas tax. This model has been tested in other states such as Oregon and California. CDOT will use the pilot study as the first step in an extensive process of evaluating this concept alongside other funding alternatives.