CDOT Transportation Commissioners Touring Southwest Colorado this Week

11-May-2018 to 08-Jun-2018

CDOT and members of Colorado's Transportation Commission (TC) will tour the southwestern part of the state on Wednesday, May 16 and Thursday, May 17, as part of National Infrastructure Week. CDOT and TC members will join local elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders at events to discuss the role of transportation and its importance to Colorado's economy. The Infrastructure Week tour will highlight unfunded priorities in the region, such as needed road widening and highway reconstruction in areas along US 160 and US 550. The tour will also provide the opportunity for the TC to see firsthand several completed projects that have improved the transportation system in the region.

You can join the tour on Thursday, May 17, when the TC will hold a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Fiscal Year 2019 - 2022 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) at the Strater Hotel in Durango at 8:30am. You'll hear about CDOT's short and long-term plans and have an opportunity to provide feedback.