CDOT Unveils $1.6 Billion Roadmap of Projects Over the Next 3 Years

02-Jan-2020 to 16-Jan-2020

Last month, the Colorado Transportation Commission approved a plan to invest nearly $1.6 billion of funds provided from the state's general fund by the legislature. Funding priorities were determined based upon a statewide outreach project called Your Transportation Plan. A forecast of projects slated for this new funding can be found on CDOT's website. The project categories range from repaving and bridge repair to full-scale rebuilds of deteriorating sections to efforts to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists on CDOT-controlled urban arterials, such as Federal Boulevard in Denver.

Nearly 40% of the $1.6 billion w ill be devoted to I-25 projects, the largest of which is estimated at $250 million to expand the scope of the 14-mile I-25 North express lanes project that's already underway between Johnstown and Fort Collins. Other major capacity projects include a down payment towards fixing Floyd Hill and rebuilding I-270, among others. The list also includes 41 repaving projects on 500 miles of smaller rural roads in every region of the state, totaling $337 million.

An overall look at the budget show s 57% of the $1.6 billion w ill go toward projects that include repaving or bridge improvements and replacements and 88% will go toward projects that include safety improvements. A total of 78% will go to urban or rural interstate projects, and 22% to rural projects off the interstates.