CDOT working with DBE/ESB firms regarding recent data breach

06-May-2016 to 06-May-2016

Recently, CDOT learned that an employee who had access to the CDOT Disadvantaged and Emerging Small Business database (which contains information consistent with federal requirements for this program) used some of that personal information for improper purposes. The employee is no longer with CDOT, and the case has been referred to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

While CDOT is currently only aware of a handful of firms impacted by this breach, they have reached out to every business in the DBE/ESB database to inform them and they are offering all of the businesses one year of free credit monitoring. CDOT is cooperating with CBI during its investigation, and they are conducting an internal investigation of procedures and policies to determine how to prevent this in the future.

Questions related to this issue should be directed to the CDOT Civil Rights and Business Resource Center (CRBRC) at (303) 757-9234.