Central 70 LEADING EDGE for Transportation Graduates 30 Top Small Businesses

12-Jul-2017 to 12-Jul-2017

Last month, a dedicated group of 30 small business owners and partners completed an intensive 8-week business planning course designed to help them become more competitive and successful in the transportation industry. The graduates developed an actionable business development plan and a solid understanding of strategic planning, construction and managerial accounting, prime contractor marketing, estimating and bidding and project management.

This program was specifically customized to prepare small businesses for subcontracting on the CDOT Central 70 project. Special thanks to the CDOT Central 70 project team for their support. Many thanks also to members of the four shortlisted teams of 5280 Connectors, I-70 Mile High Partners, Front Range Mobility Group, and Kiewit-Meridiam Partners who volunteered as subject matter experts and panelists to share invaluable insights with the class.

If you're interested in joining this elite group of LEADING EDGE graduates, Register Today for the next program starting October 5, 2017 at the Pikes Peak SBDC in Colorado Springs