Changes Coming to DBE Goal Setting on CDOT NPS Consultant Contracts

15-Jun-2019 to 18-Jun-2019

CDOT is changing the way DBE goals are set and enforced on Non-Project Specific (NPS) contracts and task orders. This will affect ALL prime and subconsultants pursuing and teaming on NPS contracts. It w ill benefit primes by providing a more accurate DBE goals on specific scopes of work outlined in each task order. It will benefit subconsultants by providing more opportunities for actual work under an NPS contract rather than just being listed on the team. 

Join CDOT for an input session to learn more about the new "Task Order Based DBE Goal Setting" which is expected to roll out in October 2019. CDOT Civil Rights w ill walk though the changes, compliance tracking, and enforcement measures. Be sure you know what to expect so you stay in compliance! 

Input Session
Friday, May 17 1pm - 2pm
CDOT Headquarters - SOLD OUT
Webinar - Click here for a recording of the session