Changes Coming to Small Business Elements on CDOT NPS Professional Services Contracts

10-Oct-2019 to 19-Nov-2019

Effective on all Non-Project Specific (NPS) advertisements as of January 1, 2020, CDOT will be changing the contract structure, monitoring, and enforcement processes for DBE participation on NPS Professional Services contracts. CDOT's Civil Rights Division worked closely with a task force comprised of large and small firms, DBEs, and industry association members to develop the details of these changes, and vetted them with internal stakeholders and the previous Chief Engineer. These changes include: 

  • Consultants will have the ability to request a re-evaluation of Task Order DBE goals 
  • CDOT will be enforcing DBE Commitments on individual Task Orders via sanctions
  • CDOT will be adjusting its Civil Rights scoring rubric to encourage new teaming partners, DBE team members, and qualitative approach to compliance
An advisory DBE goal will be set on the Master Contract and flow down to each Task Order, as it does in the current contract framework. Taking into consideration a variety of criteria, including DBE availability, type of work being performed, and regional location, CDOT Civil Rights may adjust Task Order level goals accordingly using a re-evaluation process. The objective of Task Order level DBE goals/adjustments is to increase DBE utilization through a more narrowly tailored Scope of Work. 

Along with DBE goal setting changes, the 10 points dedicated to Civil Rights for scoring the NPS Statement of Interest (SOI) will be redistributed. There are also improved processes in place for the modification to the DBE commitment, as well as more detailed enforcement language for unapproved, unmet commitments.

The Civil Rights team will be discussing this topic further at the October 24 Professional Services Small Business Collaborative Forum. Please plan to attend to learn more and get your questions answered. CDOT will also be hosting half day workshops for consultants in each CDOT Region during November and December. Consultants are highly encouraged to attend to learn more about these process changes and to prepare for the upcoming Project Specific (PS) process modifications that will go into effect later in 2020. Check the CDOT Civil Rights website or Connect2DOT Event Calendar for upcoming training  dates.