Colorado Floods Create Opportunities for Contractors

17-Sep-2013 to 17-Sep-2013

The recent flooding along the Colorado Front Range has caused massive devastation and damage to the state highway, bridge, and roadway system. Small business contractors have an opportunity to help restore communities and facilitate safe travel for the public in areas hard hit by flood waters. 

CDOT has an emergency maintenance procedure to expedite support from the contracting community so resources and equipment can be mobilized quickly. Regional Project Engineers and Environmental Managers can contract directly with businesses without going through a formal bidding process. That means they are making calls to contractors to help but they need to know about you to call you! 

If you're interested in assisting with cleanup, restoration, or rebuilding efforts, please take the following steps:

  1. Review the CDOT Emergency Maintenance Procedure document to understand how services are obtained by CDOT.
  2. Contact Prime Contractors that have been selected by CDOT to provide reconstruction support in various corridors.
  3. Check the Bidding section of the CDOT website for upcoming and awarded emergency flooding solicitations.
  4. Register for Colorado BIDS to receive notices of CDOT projects. 
  5. Contact Key Individuals and Project Managers in the affected areas (primarily CDOT Region 4) to make them aware of your services and availability.
  6. Contact CDOT Environmental Planners and Managers in the affected areas to see if they need support.
  7. Contact the Regional Civil Rights Manager in the affected areas for more information about potential emergency maintenance needs.
  8. Get Prequalified by CDOT to work as a prime contractor if there are project opportunities you can bid on directly.
If you have questions or need business assistance in order to pursue these opportunities, please contact us via email or call the Connect2DOT Program Manager at (720) 624-6728.