Coming Soon...Revisions to CDOT Design & Engineering Proposal Scoring

08-Apr-2015 to 08-Apr-2015

CDOT is in the process of revising the way in which it awards points for small business participation on its design and engineering projects. Typically, CDOT consultant projects are awarded using a "most qualified" evaluation process. Statements of Interest (SOI) are submitted in response to an advertised Invitation for Consultant Services. A CDOT selection panel scores each SOI and awards a contract to the highest scoring consultant or team. Small business participation accounts for 10 percent of the evaluation score. 

A new scoring system is being developed that will change how these points are allocated. The evaluation will include an analysis of the prime consultant's utilization of DBE and ESB firms in the past. Meeting the DBE goal will not result in additional points but will be considered a "pass-fail" component of the SOI evaluation. Check CDOT's website later this month for more details about the revised scoring process and when it will go into effect.