Connect2DOT Launches CDOT Bid Matching Service

02-May-2014 to 02-May-2014

Have you ever spent hours searching bidding websites trying to find RFP's that fit for your business? Do you hit the refresh button on CDOT's bidding website to make sure you don't miss a good opportunity? Well, now you have an assistant to help save you time and target your business development efforts.

The CDOT Bid Matching Service (BMS) makes it easier for businesses to find relevant CDOT opportunities by sending a notification of construction projects when bid items match the company's NAICS code. Simply register online, select the NAICS codes that interest you, and start receiving emails each week with a list of newly advertised CDOT projects that match your NAICS. You can use the lists to narrow down your search and focus in on project opportunities that are right for your business.

Sign up today and start bidding tomorrow!