ESB Restricted Opportunities on CDOT Solicitation for Traffic Engineering NPS

06-Sep-2019 to 19-Nov-2019

CDOT is currently soliciting comprehensive traffic engineering services for the Colorado Front Range which includes CDOT HQ and Regions 1, 2, and 4. The scope of work includes tasks ranging from studies/analysis, design, data management and surveying to training, technical support, utility investigations, and construction management. The solicitation has been divided into two tiers and up to two contracts are ESB Restricted. CDOT anticipates hiring up to 14 total consultant teams for this solicitation. A total of 8 teams may be hired at the $4 million tier, and 6 teams at the $1.5 million tier. Up to two of the $1.5 million tier contracts are reserved for proposal exclusively from firms with an active Emerging Small Business (ESB) certification by the proposal deadline. Firms will not be permitted to propose on more than one tier as a prime consultant. Proposals are due on September 26. All firms proposing as a prime or subconsultant, including ESB certified firms, must be prequalified at the time of proposal. All firms must also have a Master Price Agreement (MPA) with CDOT by the time of award.

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