Get Compliant and Score Higher on CDOT Professional Services Contracts

12-Sep-2016 to 12-Sep-2016

At the end of July, CDOT launched new requirements for Professional Services (design, engineering, architecture, etc.) consultant contracts related to small business participation, tracking, and payment. Since that time, consultants have been required to comply with the new requirements when submitting a Statement of Interest (SOI) and performing on CDOT contracts.
Navigating any new process can be challenging, so CDOT is hosting a "How To" webinar on September 15th to demystify the process and help you understand how to be compliant and maximize small business participation points in proposal evaluation. The session will use real examples and show you how to: 
  • Calculate evaluation points for your DBE/ESB team members
  • Maximize small business incentive points in your SOI
  • Use CDOT's B2G system to track small business participation and
  • payments
  • Submit your plan for small business partcipation
This webinar is critical for any professional services firm interested in or already working on CDOT projects. Don't get penalized for not knowing the rules. Register today!